Personalized Shoe Fittings

Including video gait analysis

Our Methodology

We strive to help you find the perfect fit.

Personalized Fittingsuniquely tailored to your foot type

Our goal is to help you find the running or walking shoes that are right for your particular foot type. We offer a personalized shoe-fitting experience from one of our highly-trained staff members. Each of our employees go through extensive training in gait analysis, biomechanics, shoe types, and much more.

Our shoe-fitting process entails analyzing your foot type and characteristics, including arch type, length, and width. We will also perform video analysis of you running on a treadmill using state-of-the-art technology to gather additional information about your specific gait and biomechanics. The use of video playback (including slow motion and frame-by-frame analysis) will allow our staff to examine your gait with precision.

Check Out Our Video

Check out our video below explaining our comprehensive, personalized shoe-fitting process.